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Radio Codes began to appear on the Ford dataplate sticker commencing in 1979.

                  Radio Description  Years
1AM/FM MPX Quadrosonic Tape w/o CB1979-82
2AM w/o CB1979-82
3AM/FM Mono, w/o CB1979-82
4AM/FM MPX w/o CB1979-82
5AM/FM MPX Stereo Tape w/o CB1979-82
6AM/FM MPX Search w/o CB1979-82
7AM/FM MPX Cassette w/o CB 1979-82
8AM Digital Clock w/o CB 1979-82
9AM Stereo Tape w/o CB1979
GAM/FM WPX Cassette w CB 1979-82
HDigital Clock, dual speakers w/o CB1979
JAM/FM WPX Quadrosonic Type w CB 1979-82
KAM w CB 1979-82
LAM/FM Mono w CB 1979-82
MAM/FM WPX w CB 1979-82
NAM/FM WPX Stereo Tape w CB 1979-82
OAM/FM WPX Search w CB 1979-82
PAM dual rear speakers w CB 1979-82
QAM/FM Mono dual rear speakers w CB 1979-82
RAM Stereo Tape w CB 
Flexibility Option w CB
SAM dual rear speakers w/o CB 1979-82
TAM/FM mono dual rear speakers w/o CB 1979-82
UAM/FM MPX Quad 8 Electronic w/CB 1979-82
VFlexibility Option w/o CB 1979-82
WAM/FM MPX Quad 8 Electronic w/o CB 1979-82
XFlexibility Option, rear speakers w/o CB 1982
YFlexibility Option, rear speakers w CB 1982
ZDelete 1980