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The Vehicle Certification Label (V.C. Label) is attached to the rear face of the driver's door. The upper half of the label contains the month and year of manufacture. The V.C. Label also contains the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).  The remaining information on the V.C. Label consists of pertinent vehicle identification codes.

The BODY code is two numbers and letter identifying the Body Style. The COL (color) code is a letter or number (or both) indicating the exterior Paint Color code. The TRIM code consists of a number-letter combination designating the Interior Trim. The AXLE code is a number or letter indicating the rear axle ratio and standard or locking type axles. The TRNS. Code is a number or letter indicating the type of transmission, numerals for manual, letters for automatic. The DSO code consisting of two numbers designates the district in which the car was ordered and may appear in conjunction with a Domestic Special Order or Foreign Special Order number when applicable. (Ford of Canada DSO codes consist of a letter and a number except for export codes which are designated by two numbers).

Your door sticker may appear different that the one above and vehicles manufactured for model years 1979 and later include additional codes.  Decoding information for your dataplate can be found on the left hand side.

1Year Identification5 = 1975
6 = 1976
7 = 1977
8 = 1978
9 = 1979
0 = 1980
2Assembly Plant IdentificationE = Mahwah
W = Wayne
3/4Body Serial Code Identification33 = Monarch 2dr (1978-80)
34 = Monarch 4dr
35 = Monarch 2dr (1975-77)
37 = Monarch Ghia 4dr (1975-77)
38 = Monarch Ghia 2dr (1975-77)
81 = Granada 4dr (1975-77); Granada 2dr (1978-80)
82 = Granada 2dr (1975-77); Granada 4dr (1978-80)
83 = Granada Ghia 4dr (1975-77)
84 = Granada Ghia 2dr (1975-77); Versailles (1977-80)
5Engine IdentificationB = 6cyl, 3.3L 200ci-1V (1980)
C = 6cyl, 4.1L 250ci-1V (1980)
D = 8cyl, 4.2L 255ci-2V (1980)
F = 8cyl, 5.0L 302ci-2V
H = 8cyl, 5.8L 351ci-2V (1975-77)
L = 6cyl, 4.1L 250ci-1V (1975-79)
T = 6cyl, 3.3L 200ci-1V (1975-79)
6-11Consecutive Production Number*

*Vehicles manufactured in the Ford Division begin with the base unit number of 100,000, with unit 100,001 being the first production number for the model year. The Mercury Division begins with a base number of 500,000 for model years up to and including 1978 and 600,000 thereafter. The Lincoln Division begins with a base number of 800,000 for model years up to and including 1978 and 600,000 thereafter. 1979-80 Monarchs and Versailles in this registry therefore share the same VIN number sequence.

1Country of Manufacture Identification1 = United States
2 = Canada
2/3Manufacturer's IdentificationFA = Ford Passenger
ME = Mercury Passenger
4Vehicle Restraint System IdentificationB = Active Belts
5Vehicle Type IdentificationP = Ford Passenger Car
6/7Body Serial Code Identification26 = Granada 2dr
27 = Granada 4dr
28 = Granada wagon
76 = Cougar 2dr non XR-7
77 = Cougar 4dr
78 = Cougar wagon
8Engine IdentificationA = 4cyl, 2.3L 140ci-2V
B = 6cyl, 3.3L 200ci-1V
D = 8cyl, 4.2L 255ci-2V
3 = 6cyl, 3.8L 232ci-2V (1982)
9Check Digit*
10Year IdentificationB = 1981
C = 1982
11Assembly Plant IdentificationA = Atlanta
G = Chicago
12-17Consecutive Production NumberRefer to Above

*The Check Digit is used by governmental agencies (DMV, law enforcement) and insurance companies to ensure that the VIN has been recorded properly. The Check Digit is derived from a formula that takes into account all of the other characters in the VIN. The Check Digit takes the form of the numerals 0 through 9 and the letter X.